BluffTitler DX9

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Create and add titles to any movie you like

There are some films that you simply must add titles to of your own. It could be so hilarious that who ever is going to watch the movie with the title you're planning to add will have to ware a diaper or the consequences would probably not be environmentally friendly, to say the least.
Alternatively, you may just want to edit some video file of your own making and add a proper title to the movie, and while you're at it, add a few special effects just for the heck of it.
BluffTitler DX9 is a real time 3D video titling software program. Once adding a title to your video file, you can either play it in real time or export it as a movie file for further processing in other DVD authoring tools.
The software program offers several special effects such as reflection mapping, light beams, beveled borders, looping plasma effects, shadows, particle effects, bump mapping, RSS news feed import, spinning globe, waving flag, blob rendering and MPEG/Flash video textures.
All of these great features will enable you to turn your once simple video file into a masterpiece of design, pattern and ingenuity.
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